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This wiki is for non-commercial, informational purpose only!
It is meant to help people learning about, playing and improving this great game.

If there occure statutory violations, please go in contact with me to solve them. You'll find my contact data on my home page in the imprint.

I repudiate from illegal statements and linkage made by users of this wiki in the strongest terms! In no way I have an intention to harm any person or company. And although I'll try to keep this wiki clean from any violations, I can't assure this entirely.

Content of external webpages is out of my hand, but linkage with obviously illegal intention will be removed whenever noticed. However, illegal abusement of information stated in this wiki is not in account of the wiki users nor myself. If you want to use information stated within this wiki to e.g. modify the game, you have to take account on it by yourself!