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Welcome to the BotF-Wiki!
Everyone is welcome to participate on this wiki as long you don't advertise, spam or begin to trouble this project in some other way.
Sadly there've been some bots recently forcing to prevent users from contributing without being authorized and added to the 'elected' group by an admin.
So if you want to participate, best leave a note on AFC or contact one of the admins.
Thank you! :-)

updating the wiki has to wait till I find enough time for it

Getting started

To start a new page, type the name to the search box and hit the "go" button. When the page isn't available yet, you'll get a red link "create this page". If you've hit the search-button instead, you can use the red link after "You searched for" to create the page.
If you want something specific you've already seen somewhere in a mediawiki, go there, hit the "edit" or "view source" button to view it's source.

Some mediawiki features may not be available yet cause there do exist many extensions. If you need one, just ask me.

Cause this wiki is about a game that is still protected by copyrights (as far I know), please at least leave appropriate licensing/copyright notes whenever you're uploading images like screenshots or artwork and don't blast the wiki with images, just use them where they fit. You may refer to BotF-Wiki:Copyrights that I've written to reflect this, like I've done with the BotF front cover. ;)

General Game Information

Introduction: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Birth of the Federation

General Gameplay Information


Infos about Mods

Modding Information

How to add new ship models using UE
Large Map Generation Chart and tutorial for UE
Editing Savegames

Assembler Analysis:
List of known Dynamic Variables
Library of Subroutines