Black Hole

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In-Game Text

The gravity well caused by the Black Hole makes sensor readings of this sector unreliable. Starships in this sector may be destroyed if they drift too close to the event horizon.


Scan Strength is reduced by 64 in a sector with a black hole, and by 32 in all adjacent sectors.

Only ships with speed 1 can be destroyed by a black hole. Outposts and Starbases will not be destroyed if successfully completed.

The chance of destruction is dependent on the type of ship:

Ship Type Chance
Scout 95%
Destroyer 80%
Cruiser 15%
Artillery 10%
Battleship 5%
Colony Ship 50%
Troop Transport 70%


The minimum safe ship speed can be found in trek.exe starting at 0x17882C (double - 8 bytes).

The probability of destruction for each ship type can be found in trek.exe starting at 0x6B1E0 (40 bytes?) or asm 46BDE0.


Ship Removal Subroutine

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